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Frolikin Frog Multi Scratch

Frolikin Frog Multi Scratch

5 Star Rating: Recommended
Frolikin Frogs Multi Scratch lets you hop to riches with even more chances to win! Scratch & match frogs & bugs for big bonuses.
Play Frolikin Frog Multi Scratch Now! Play Frolikin Frog Multi Scratch Now!




Frolikin’ Frogs Multi Scratch Card

Key Features:

  • 2 Chances to Win
  • High Payout
  • Colourful Graphics


Frolikin’ Frogs Multi Scratch Cards is an advanced version of the Frolikin’ Frogs card and its advanced features make it even more fun. It features the same funny cartoon frogs as the original game and there are plenty of ways to win.

The card features one large central cartoon frog who is surrounded by five separate lily pads and you can bet between 5p and £1 and you can choose to bet on as many lily pads as you like. The more pads you choose the more your bet will cost.

Each pad has five frogs on it and you can scratch each one individually to see how much you’ve won. If you reveal frogs of the same colour then you win a cash prize. Frolikin’ Frogs Multi Scratch scratch card is different than many scratch card games because you have two chances to win. You can win on frogs, and you can also win on insects situated below the lily pads and frogs.

The chance to pick up two prizes for every lily pad you bet on makes this game even more fun!

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Frolikin Frog Multi Scratch was rated 5 out of 5 from 1 member reviews.

Review by , 13/02/2013
Best Scratchie Ever
frolikin frogs multi is even better than the first frolikin frogs because you can win twice at each game. Its really fun and def. My favourite scratchie

Frolikin' Frogs Multi Scratch Cards Screenshot

Frolikin' Frogs Multi Scratch Cards Screenshot
Screenshot of the game will be available soon

Frolikin' Frogs Multi Scratch Cards Video